As I am studying scriptures for the art parable I am currently painting I am looking through some of my earlier journal entries.  I make an effort to study God's word daily and look for and try to remember to record the physical, verbal, or emotional strings of life that are being woven into the tapestry of my daily endeavor.  These notes I record may seem random at first but I have never failed to be amazed of the picture that the Holy Spirit paints in my understanding as I consider the tapestry woven together.
I want to encourage you to journal.  To jot down daily the insight you receive as you live your life.  There are small and large "AHA" moments that speak to you.  If you write them down you may be amazed at the insight you receive.
It could be insight concerning yourself, a situation, or something or someone that needs your attention. The study of God's word always bring a harvest.

Proverbs 31:22  She maketh herself coverings of tapestry, her clothing is silk and purple.


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