Well, we are almost at the door of a new year. I pray that this will be a year of new beginnings and a blessed closure of things undone or half done. Procrastination or putting things off is an easy out on most days.
Day by day, moment by moment life slips away.

Thinking about something never actually gets it done. But I have found over the years that a beginning however small is still a beginning. And if you apply yourself moment by moment......eventually you will see a result. So today and every day thereafter....Do not put things off. Only put off the failure to make a decision and do it. When you awake, take a second and think....What do I want to accomplish today.

Not tomorrow , next week, or even next year...Today.

On some days my only goal for the day is to help someone else and on another day it might be to be good to myself by taking the time for an undisturbed bubble bath or cup of coffee.
Of course, daily life requires more than this, but it is a daily goal. If you only think about doing something, without action it will NEVER happen.
Only you know what your action should be for that day and every day thereafter.
However hard or easy your days are, I pray the Lord will help you and guide you as you submit yourself to His awesome plan for your daily growth.

Remember....the mighty oak was once but a small acorn.



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