FOCUS- Obtaining the Big Picture

Obtaining the big picture. Life runs at warp speed on most days. There never seems to be enough time to do the multitude of tasks that need to be accomplished. Yet we all are given a 24 hour day to prioritize what is truly necessary. The majority of people run through life as if they are on a hamster wheel. Stop. Focus. You can gain control of your life, more simply, your day.
Over the years I have learned to FOCUS! Without a purposeful FOCUS I usually accomplish very little on my constant to do list. Even when I run errands I chose the destination that is the furthest from my home and work my way back home. This saves time, energy, and money.
Focus..Focus is an amazing thing.
Think of a pin point of light focused and you have a fire.
What area of your life do you need to Focus on?
Time management? Your health? Yourself? Marriage? Children? Relaxing?
Anything you focus on can become a lit fire for the good or the bad. Therefore choose wisely.
Being focused seems to come natural to some people and others, like myself, have had to discipline their different areas to reflect positive FOCUS.
I am not encouraging you to become enslaved by your focus. Yet, I know from experience that you will accomplish a lot more in your day to day life if you focus on the necessary tasks at hand.
I have found that a sense of accomplishment increases my self esteem and gives me a great sense of empowerment. I do not want to be a slave to my list but I usually plan my work as well as periods of relaxation....
And yes, at times relaxing is a worthy focus. Be good to yourself and others by accomplishing the tasks that have your name written on them. Whether that name is: self, mom, dad, worker bee, etc....
You get the big picture.
There are people and things waiting on your expertise!
And I know you are going to Focus and live your life successfully.
So.. here is your praise before you get started!

GREAT JOB! I knew you could do it.



Kristin said…
Hi Debbie,

I enjoyed your words about focusing. Lately, I find that when I am out of focus (not concentrating on the task before me) I become easily overwhelmed.

Usually, that "task before me" (the one that is about to push me over the edge!) is lunch or dinner. But by the time we've refueled, the "rest" is suddenly less daunting. The same goes for bedtime, or naptime (as little as 20 minutes rest). Sometimes by focusing on the "off time" as well, we get a refueling--and a better perspective on all those "nagging", "overwhelming" tasks and that "Big Picture"! Many thanks for this post.
You are welcome! This is a constant refrain that always seems to demand my attention as I seek balance in all areas of my life.

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