If God asked you a question, what would it be?

I find myself on a busy day sending a quick note or quick question for needed information to those that I know.
I never really considered how often I ask a question. Being a fairly practical person I want to get an answer and bring any subject to completion when dealing with business.
But relationships don't happen that way. And that is the difficult part! There are so many nuances and reasons why people do what they do. And usually they do not give a second thought to any of this! Well, I believe we need too! Have you ever tried to work on a puzzle where one of the pieces is missing or there is a piece that almost fits, but, not quite?
Ugh! This will send me to my knees. Literally. Where is that piece?
That's the way I feel at times dealing with people who make me look for the missing piece in a relationship and look and look and look.

This train of thought was brought about by mulling over some personal issues. Well, like I said...I like completion. So my thoughts were twirling around in my brain sphere with WHY don't they just tell me...why don't they listen?
And then......it happened.
I found the piece I was missing in this puzzle as I lay quietly pondering my WHY"S. I didn't need to keep asking Him questions. My answer was in His question to me!

If God asked you a question, what would it be?

Ask Him.
God what do you want to ask me? I bet the question has something to do with what you are experiencing. I did and His question got right to the heart of the matter! My heart.....my center.

You see...you can't ask for me and I can't ask for you.
But if you ask Him......you might be amazed at His question and your answer.
I asked Him.....Lord what would you ask me?
Go ahead....Ask Him. He loves to tell us His heart.


Mark 11:29
And Jesus answered and said unto them, I will also ask of you one question, and answer me, and I will tell you by what authority I do these things.


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