I am posting today to let you know that I have been given the opportunity to be interviewed on television in Tennessee. The Christian Television Network, CTN, local station WHTN, the program is Bridges, hosted by Monica Schmelter. The show will air on June 4, 2009. That is Thursday of this week.
I was given the opportunity to show some of my work and introduce my Christian art line,
Art Parables, Visions of His Word ™.
http://visionsofhisword.blogspot.com/ or http://www.artparables.com/

The video link was supplied by CTN's station WHTN in Nashville, Tennessee.
I am trying to load the video but have not been successful, due to the format.
Note: The picture above was copied from the Bridges link.
I want to acknowledge the kindness of Monica and everyone at the station. I would also like to encourage you this week to not only watch my first television interview, but Bridges on a regular basis. Monica daily touches on issues that are relevant in the world today.
~Debbie Turner Chavers

Bridges re-aired this interview on June 29, 2010 and in October 2010.


Wow! Thank you! Terri :)

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