In Memory

Today, is Memorial Day, a day to remember the sacrifice of those who died to give us the freedom to live day to day. Their sacrifice caused them to lose their lives. To those who have someone that gave this sacrifice..Thank you.
But I also think that we should thank those who have sacrificed through their daily service to the betterment of their families, job, or country.
There are many unsung hero's amongst us.
Today, look around.
Who amongst you has given more than they thought they had? Who has died to self?
Today recognize not only the dead, but the living. The parent who has stood by you through your difficult years. The friend who responded when others had given up on you.
Yourself, when you put others first, to your own hurt.
Yes, remember the sacrifices of those who have gone on. Yet, I ask you to also remember to thank those who daily die to their own that you might live.

For those of you who have gave and gave some more,



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