Everyday we have the opportunity to encourage one another. There are so many issues that each of us face that we would do well to remember we are not alone. You may feel alone, yet you are not. It is easy to become absorbed in our own problems. Yet we can make an eternal difference by remembering to stir one another up in remembrance of God's goodness to each of us. Do not forget to encourage yourself. Speak good things to yourself and about yourself and others.
I was reading Deuteronomy and saw how important encouragement was to the promotion of good things and God's plan for man.
Moses was told to encourage Joshua, because he would cause Israel to inherit the plan of God.
Do not belittle your ability to truly make a difference by your kindness to someone and the gift of encouragement that could make all the difference in the world.
Joshua was an anointed leader that God used to bring about His plan for Israel. Yet, obviously he needed encouragement. You need encouragement. I need encouragement.
The next time you are stirred to send a note, a smile, or anything that would encourage.
Appearances can be deceiving. You might convince yourself that the other person does not need it, yet it is needed.
Everyone needs encouragement.
Everyone has a God given destiny and our encouragement can make a difference.


Deuteronomy 1:38 But Joshua the son of Nun, which standeth before thee, he shall go in thither: encourage him: for he shall cause Israel to inherit it.


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