Leftovers! Again

I love to have a gourmet meal prepared for me. To see that someone took the time and effort to gather the ingredients, prepare and serve a great meal intended for me.
How great is that? Even leftovers can be a great meal from such an effort.
But for most of us, a thrown together batch of ingredients make up our meals and our lives.
Bits and pieces gathered together as we live and shop in a hurry to just get the task accomplished.
I have noticed that we tend to handle our relationships with one another in the same way.

This will work for a while, but eventually you will discover that something is missing.
Relationships are not prepackaged meals.
And a great leftover is still a leftover.
Relationships require hands on prep work. They take time. Your time.

Relationships require a gourmet meal approach on a regular basis.
This ensures that our emotional bank will be replete.
We all need to be fed.
No exceptions.

When cooking, you can find nutritious viable options for feeding yourself and your family.
Prepackaged. Packaged meals with instructions.
It feeds you a meal, yet something is missing.
That something is the knowledge that it was intended and prepared specifically for you.

Life demands a huge investment in time and effort.
Do not give those you care about....leftovers on a regular basis.
They might be time savers, but they are not relationship savers.
We all need to feel special on a regular basis.
Anything worth doing. Is worth doing right.
Leftovers are fine occasionally.
But no one who has a relationship with you, will only want the leftovers of your time and effort.
What's for dinner?


Galations 5:13 For, brethren, ye have been called unto liberty; only [use] not liberty for an occasion to the flesh, but by love serve one another.


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