Life can have you running at a high rpm. So when life is coming at you hard and fast, do not forget that little gear called Neutral.
Shifting life's demands can require a steady hand, a close eye on the road, and regular fill-ups.
Neutral in my life is spending time with God through prayer and the reading of His word.
But even with regular maintenance, the issues of life still shift me into high gear at times. Sometimes the frenetic pace seems a bit exciting, but an all out run for your money, can also drain your last bit of energy for the road ahead.
Back to Neutral...literally.
This point was driven home recently by the need to drive someone else's car and my inability to shift from Park to Reverse. The car had a stick shift that refused to go into gear while the engine was running.
No amount of self-effort would move it.
So I sat there, becoming more aggravated by the moment.
All my effort still left me in Park. When I turned off the engine and applied the brake, I could easily move the gear into Reverse.
Alright, so the gears work!
Yet, as soon as I turned the engine on, the gears would lock.
Not moving.
I called for help.
My help, came from my husband, who said, " Put the car in Neutral with the brake engaged, turn on the engine and move the gear into reverse. "
Wow! it worked.
A simple gear change.
If you find yourself not going forward and not going backwards. A shift in gears in needed.

© 2010 Debbie Turner Chavers


Mariangie said…
You are such a blessing in my life! One thing that I have forced myself to do when in "neutral"... REALLY listen!

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