The Agenda

 Time = Eternity
© 2010 Debbie Turner Chavers

Prayerfully consider all requests of your time.  Our day belongs to the Lord.
He has a plan and order for each day.
It is always wise to check your schedule with His plan.
The Lord orders our steps, but we choose whether we will pick a different path or walk as ordered.
Morning meetings.  Most places hold them.  Change of shifts usually have a brief meeting to update the past and present agenda.
We would do well to  check in with the Lord throughout our day, even as we do in the physical world.
Am I still on the same page? Has God moved on? 
 It is up to me, to quiet myself and realign my bearings .
God's door is always open for an impromptu meeting.
Check in.  Get an update. You will be glad you took the time.


Psalm 37:23    The steps of a [good] man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.

steps= goings

good man= 1) man, strong man, warrior (emphasising strength or ability to fight)

ordered= prepare , establish, ready, stablish, provide, right, fixed, set, direct , order, fashion, variant , certain, confirmed, firm , preparation

Lord= Jehovah  "the existing One"
1) the proper name of the one true God

1) to delight in, take pleasure in, desire, be pleased with
2) to move, bend down

way=1) way, road, distance, journey, manner
a) road, way, path
b) journey
c) direction
d) manner, habit, way
e) of course of life (fig.)
f) of moral character (fig.)

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