Online Bible Study- Freefall to Fly with Rebekah Lyons

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In this 6-session Bible study, women learn to discover true meaning and purpose, both as individuals and in community. Rebekah challenges us to breathe deeply and take steps of faith and trust in their personal journey of surrender. We love it for the new year, because it’s all about finding the best fit for your life. We also love it because we’re offering an online Bible study with Rebekah beginning January 15. Sign up here.
Sponsored by LifeWay, their first online Bible study.

So it is a new year, I want to suggest a resolution, a decision that you Can Keep.  Most people enjoy the gift of a new year because of the promise of a new beginning.  Many years ago I too reached out for a new beginning on a New Years Day.  I met the sunlight that morning with the Lord of Glory shining within my heart.  With Him and the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, that decision has been kept, because He keeps me.
I want to encourage you to reach out to the One who has always had His arms open to hold you, to love you, and never let you go. I did, our relationship has been tumultuous at times, but He has never left me or forsaken me.  At the end of me and my nonsense, He has always stood firm in His covenant and conviction to Love Me.  He has worked with me and in me to make me, the best me I can be, in Him.
Would you like to have a Father, a Savior, a teacher and a friend who never leaves or forsakes you?
Ask God to forgive you and acknowledge that Jesus Christ, His only begotten Son has redeemed you.
Ask Him to fill you with His Holy Spirit to enable you to live this life you have been given.

Life is not just a journey, it is a beginning, the stepping forth into the eternal.  Choose Life.  Life in Christ Jesus, now and forever.

~Debbie Turner Chavers

I am including a link to my post, an example of my decision.  Click here to read.

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