Shout Out to Encouragers

So daily I seek encouragement to live and walk in peace and with a good attitude. My go to is ALWAYS the word of God contained in scripture.  There are so many resources available and so many gifted individuals that share encouragement with others.  So I am bringing your attention to a few that encouraged me today.

Holy Scripture- my favorite version is KJV.  Love to read Proverbs daily. I try to note which verse for that day..speaks to my heart-grabs my attention..and pay attention to it!

My favorite Proverb verse this morning:
Proverbs 23:12 Apply thine heart unto instruction, and thine ears to the words of knowledge.

Joyce Meyer ..Hearing From God Each Morning-365 Daily Devotions- favorite encouragement from October 23

We need to work with the Holy Spirit to discover what our unique, customized destiny is, and then do everything we can to fulfill it.
When God has gifted or enabled you to do something, you will be good at it, so find something you are good at and start doing it.

Scripture given...Romans 12:4 As in one physical body we have many parts...and all of these parts do not have the same function or use, so we, numerous as we are, are one body in Christ (the Messiah) and individually we are parts one of another ( mutually dependent on one another.)


Great quote and video spoke volumes to my heart.. on my twitter feed this morning..

I'd rather walk through the fire of forgiveness than drown in a sea of bitterness.
~ Heather Funk Palacios 

Amazing video here

Kelly Balarie's Purposeful Faith blog Post ..When You Hit a Wall


And my Art Parable painting Isaiah 42:7  and my encouragement post at LOLO .

There are so many ways to be encouraged.  Think on those things that are pure and lovely. You are loved. You are able. Rest assured..He's GOT this!


** If you click on the art parable painting title you will be redirected to its website for more information about the painting.

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