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Tap Root

Behold the Man, The Word Became Flesh  © 2005 Debbie Turner Chavers Well, it is that time again. Spring has sprung. Time to tend to the weeds in the garden. Weeding is something that I do not necessarily look forward to, although I love the appearance of the garden after the removal of weeds. There are so many spiritual lessons to be learned from the Lord of the harvest as you tend to a garden. I try to weed in intervals due to the physical exertion required. I have found that weeding spiritually has exertion involved also. Due diligence is required to take care of the little foxes that spoil our vines spiritually. Weeding is always easier after a rainfall. Spiritually, it is easier to see our own weeds as the rain of God's word and Spirit have drenched us and opened our eyes to His truth. The ground and our hearts become pliable and yield to the effort to remove offensive weeds. As I tended to the weeding in the garden, I noticed a new weed this week. The weed was quit


I have been considering how I act on a daily basis. Do I provoke others in a positive or a negative way? God's word tells me to provoke others unto love and good works. If I do not make a conscious effort, this will not necessarily be my plan of action. It is easy to follow instead of lead. To fall into line with complaining and complacency. Not a proper path if we want to obey God's word. Without a decision on our part, you and I will float along participating in the status quo. I have made a quality decision to focus on the positive. Yes, I know there is plenty of negative stuff all around. So I can either wallow in the mire or take a bath in God's good word and clean up my perspective and the area around me. There is almost a spoiled delight in complaining. Yet, if I look around while wallowing in this mire, I will recognize that my mental mud has a way of splattering those around me. Without much thought at all, I can be provoked into thinking I have an excuse to compla

A Stranger

I have been granted a fine time of getting to know an assortment of new people. Everyone comes from somewhere but most of the people I have been meeting have moved to my area in the last year from other states. At times even with a new job, new church,new school , even extracurricular activities it can be hard to make a new friend. Once the day or activity is over you have spent time but not found the one on one fellowship that helps you overcome the newness of a move. Maybe you have lived in the same place forever. You know most of the locals and you know just where to go when something is needed. Well, because of this bouquet of strangers I have been given the opportunity to extend a smile and a welcome and sometimes a shared meal. This has been a privilege, but unusual to my everyday way of life for the past couple of years. As this influx of strangers kept being put in my path, I began to think about it. Upon contemplation, the scripture in Matthew 25:35 was brought to my attention