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Realigned Focus

At times strength arrives in drops of liquid peace as I worship. Arms extended, heart submitted upward I reach to be cradled by the strong arms of peace that sustain me. By God’s love that restores and renews me. Praying the Word of God will settle the waves assaulting your peace.  The Word of God will reveal the false narrative that floats you into storm filled seas. Be still and know.  Prayer can refocus us when we have been blown off course by the cares of this world and the spiritual intensity of daily life. Spend time with God. He welcomes you and delights that you are seeking Him. Prayer and worship can strengthen you in your journey here on this Earth.  Take time to be still and know that God is God .  The surrender of self to realignment will strip you of false layers, preparing you to rest in the warmth of the LORD’s peace and care. A moment of prayerful focus can realign your day or night. Why not take a moment as you are reading or listening to this to agree in prayer with m