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A journal entry

 Enough © 2004 Debbie Turner Chavers  I have many things to be grateful to God for, and all of my children are blessings to me and my husband. Each one is a gift from God. Last month, I read a sentence from another writer that spoke to my heart. It was written by another mother, Emily Wierenga, who was concerned over her perceived weakness to handle parenting and life. She was feeling over-whelmed. Emily's dialogue with the Lord was " I haven't called you---a voice says, and I lean into the air listening. I haven't called you to be strong. I have called you to be obedient." In life and parenting there are so many opportunities to question your ability. Yet, success is measured by His ability, not ours. Do not trust your own efforts. Trust Him and His ability to complete that which He started. Put up your shield of faith and stand. Stand on His promise to be with you and never leave or forsake you. His promise to you and your generations. S