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For many years I had a cockatoo.  Her name was Halo.  Halo was always insistent  and learned to say Please! early on.  As a young bird we had taught her to ask for treats and things by saying Please!  I learned many lessons interacting with Halo.  The lesson of patience was acquired quickly by calming this creature.  Once Halo had a notion there was not much that could distract her focus.  I likened it to prayer.  It certainly made me pray!  This is the lesson I learned by listening to Halo beg, "Please,Please, Please".  This litany of repetition would be uttered almost in a whisper which would escalate into a full fledged crescendo if not addressed quickly.  On this particular occasion, Halo kept urging me to satisfy her need for a treat.  In reality her want of a treat.. And so she started begging, "Please, Please, Please" and on it went.   I was busy so I became annoyed because the thing she was asking for was sitting right in front of her. Yet, she still kept

Agree with God

   "Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed?" copyright © 2004 Debbie Turner Chavers From Amos 3:3 I want to encourage each of you as well as myself to trust in the Lord Jesus .  To trust when all seems lost, when life doesn't make sense. Remember that God is still God. Period.  That He loves you and wants to do you good and not evil all the days of your life. Jeremiah 29:11 God does not waver or change. Stay in agreement with Him. Let your confession, your words in conversation and alone, humbly acknowledge, that God is in control and that if He says it, you agree.   He gives you peace, even in the midst of great hurt, He is your Prince of Peace. Rejoice in this . Break out the tambourine! The drums, the bells and the whistles.  God is good and He loves us with an everlasting love. There may be times of sorrow, but rejoice in the Lord, and again I say rejoice. Life may not be fair, at times people and events may be awful.  But God will give you, your

The Scent of Water

Life Line - The Word and Blood of Jesus Christ, Do Not Let Go copyright © 2011 Debbie Turner Chavers   A few days ago I was reading Job 14.  Not my favorite book of the bible.  Life was hard for Job.  Chapter 14 starts as Job 14:1   Man [that is] born of a woman [is] of few days, and full of trouble. Life can be hard and hard to deal with, as Job so aptly states.  But God gave us His Word to find hope once again.  Even in the midst of Job's stated misery, I related to the tree. Job 14:7 For there is hope of a tree, if it be cut down, that it will sprout again, and that the tender branch thereof will not cease. Job 14:8   Though the root thereof wax old in the earth, and the stock thereof die in the ground; As I continued to read, I was caught up in verse 9, Job 14:9 [Yet] through the scent of water it will bud, and bring forth boughs like a plant. The scent of water. Hope is like the scent of water. The hope contained in God's word.  Just a glimpse,