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Poem: Shoes of Peace

Can Two Walk Together, Except They Be Agreed? © 2004 Debbie Turner Chavers Amos 3:3 Shoes of Peace Following the Worthy One In shoes of peace The road ahead is broad Where nary a soul one meets Who hasn't heard of the sorrow led by weary, laden, rebellious feet Where Christ is calling Your baggage can be carted on the broad way, but must be dumped to walk the narrow path To take hold of a life worth living To yield a furrowed field and all your plans askew To journey an adventure where His mercy is ever new But .. the path is narrow Where my Savior tarried and made the Way Two can go together, yet One must hold the other Hands held and followed close Eyes fixed on the horizon The path.. Where mercy flowed Where weary travelers left their load Discarded their stains and woe Following Christ and.. Away they go ~© 2016 Debbie Turner Chavers Cleansed and Redeemed Initial sketch  © 1996 Debbie Turner Chavers John 14:6   

Martha, Martha- Time to Refresh

The Sabbath Man? © 1998 Debbie Turner Chavers Water-Man Series As I thought of my daily physical and spiritual activity this past week, I realized I was in need of refreshing. As If my heart and mind were not telling me loud enough...a detector in my home started an intermittent beep followed by a verbal warning that said "Low Battery" every so often. There is always another task and another place to go. But let's stay home...and sit at His feet. So what if... God really speaks to us in the mist of our daily endeavor? Yes, mist..not midst. So what if....He did? Would you pause to listen? To gather your bearings, possibly chart a new course? Would you begin to unload your be still and really listen? Cast Your Cares © 2014 Debbie Turner Chavers Water-Man Series At times we flounder in our thoughts and life choices. Stabbing at every passing thought with a small movement toward recognition. We search for patterns in the maze of life

Father Me

Psalm 23-Beside Still Waters Psalm 23:1-6 © 2008 Debbie Turner Chavers This morning I awoke with a verse of scripture resounding in my thoughts. It was a morning thought pertaining to a portion of Psalm 23:6.. Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life.  A beautiful verse, one which I am in the habit of confessing over my life and loved ones. But this morning in my sleepy condition I said the verse a bit different..which woke me with a start due to my perceived error. *What I prayed was "Surely your goodness and mercy shall Father me all the days of my life." As I recognized my miswording of the known scripture, I felt the Lord prompt me to consider what I had prayed. So I did.  I am asking you to consider my unintentional prayer for your own life also. What would this manifested prayer look like in your own life? Allow God to be a "Father" to you. Father God, thank you. I praise and thank you that surely  your goodnes