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The King in Thorned Splendor

The King in Thorned Splendor © 2019 Debbie Turner Chavers Water-Man series God is a great mystery. Our pearl of great price. Our faith, a path to finding the depths of treasure hid in Him. I am on that journey. When one finds a treasure there is a natural gut reaction to hoard what we have found. Fear arrives with the knowing of the immensity of the value. Yet God would have us tell the world. To overcome the fear we must obey and allow the Living Water contained within the midst of us freedom. Fear is a dam. Fear is a thief. Here is part of my search to find the eternal in the brief interlude that we call life. It seems quite odd to me that anyone would value what I say. So I have struggled to not be selfish, to overcome my disdain of the humbling required. The root, pride. God would have the garden of my heart, mind, spirit and soul free of all such impediments. Therefore I must dare to be bold and cast my fear to the ground from which it came. Treasure is ca