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Recently, I listened to a sermon  preached by Joseph Prince.  Sometimes we hear something and it is categorized as a general sound of life.  Words or sounds that we do not actively pay attention to. Yet, in the midst of everyday life, God speaks His truth to our heart when we make ourselves available to listen.  As I study the Word of God and listen to sound, biblical teaching I am thankful for fresh insight about Grace, the unmerited favor of God through His Son, Jesus Christ.  Therefore, I am sharing the four major points of the sermon I heard. The Law - demands Gods Love- gives Grace- supplies Faith- takes My Summary:  The Law and its rules and regulations were impossible for man to keep 100%. So God's love for man caused Him to send His only begotten, sinless Son, Jesus Christ to do for us, what we could not do.  The need to satisfy a Holy God, who required 100% perfection from man, His created investment. My acceptance of His grace, supplied my inability to please a H