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Jonah Gone Fishing © 2005 Debbie Turner Chavers I am studying Jonah right now and trying to understand his choice to run.  Jonah was charged with the task "To go and tell" so a nation could be saved from destruction.  He did not want to tell or to go where the Lord was leading him.  Jonah rose up and fled from God's presence.  Or so he thought. Yet as noted in Psalm 139 .  There is no place that God will not or can not reach you. One of the things that I have noted in this scripture journey, is that the goodness of God is an opportunity.  How will we use our opportunity? Will we run toward God or run from God? Jonah decided  to run from God. Not a wise choice. At first glance Jonah appears very selfish and judgemental.  Yet even before his 3 days in darkness he has compassion on his fellow boat mates who are floundering spiritually as well as physically. Why does he feel kinship with them and not the Ninevites?  Is it because they are in the same boat? As I