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No Condemnation but Correction

Fishing Vessel © Debbie Turner Chavers There is no condemnation for those in Christ Jesus, but there is correction. We are sons and daughters of the LORD. It is the love of our Heavenly Father who chastens us and conforms us into the image of His Son. At times the gifts of God in us is used to correct us and sometimes He allows His gift in others to bring small corrections in our daily path in the course of our days. Most times we assume correction is a whooping...but usually it is more of a time out. A setting aside, a Selah pause to stop what we are currently doing and consider the correction. God is very tender hearted toward us and the leading of the Holy Spirit is gentle. I am referencing the term of correction as a form of direction.  Direction toward or away from a known way or a determined path. As children of God we do not order our footsteps. The Lord does and has a plan in place for us before we were born. Psalm 37 and 139. When a captain is steering a ship the

Warning! For Real?

The body has many parts. Yet man has the ability to mimic or copy the original very convincingly. Warning! Not all parts are real. They represent as real when cloaked, or dressed. But when brought into the light of day, the obvious is evident. Fake. A person representing as a member in the Body of Christ Jesus can manifest the same spiritually. Man can appear as one of Christ's own yet in reality be a wolf in sheep's clothing. Do not be deceived. In modern society, man has the ability to create natural appearing body parts to enhance appearance...looks normal on the outside but closer inspection reveals the truth.  Usually only those close to the subject ever see the truth in the natural body, but spiritual falseness can be identified by all with godly instruction. Scripture warns us to try all spirits and see if they be of God. Not everyone who appears to be godly or sincere is actually the real deal in reality. Without the light of God's word and His Holy Spirit it is


A Cup of Blessing © 2005 Debbie Turner Chavers An encouragement to practice your God given gifts. To learn to soar with ease on the wind of His Spirit. This past week I had the privilege of watching a nest of fledglings take to the air. Stretch your wings and learn to fly. The skill for your gift is already in you but you and I must practice. If you have ever watched a young bird learn to fly you will observe that altitude is not achieved easily at first. Very small but insistent Sparrow parents tweeted encouragement from the sidelines. Swooping in and flying away until all had left the nest. It is hard to watch another struggle to learn how to fly. But just as God has equipped the birds of the air to fly, He has also equipped us to do what He has called and gifted us to do while on this earth. Our teacher, the Holy Spirit of God is not on the side lines of life. He abides in us. Teaching and leading us to the Father. Stir up the gift of God within you. Pray. Go about doing

The Commission

Ye Must Be Born Again-John 3:3 © 2012 Debbie Turner Chavers   Ye Must Be Born Again © 2012 Debbie Turner Chavers Every cent has been paid, every debt removed. Only sin is bankrupted! We have been redeemed and we say so! Christ followers are not purveyors of selling the Gospel. We are voices raised in the wilderness of this world. Go and tell or Stay and build. But in all give God the glory. We have been redeemed, the price has been paid. Feed those who are hungry, share the water of life to those who hunger and thirst for His righteousness. He loved us when no one else would. Do the same. Be about your Father's business. The gift of one called and submitted made an eternal difference. Be a gift, not a commodity. In Him, with Him. All things are possible. We are all on a journey toward eternity. We all travel differently but the destination of Heaven can only be reached through Jesus Christ, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the door. ~Debbie Psalm