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Prayer of Blessing

Recently, I wrote and sent a blessing to all of my children.  It is written as a poem of blessing.  My children are grown but whether they are near are far from me, I bless them.  Your blessing is important to your children. Throughout scripture, the blessing of a parent was coveted.  Some of you no longer have parents that are alive.  Some of you have parents who do not realize the blessing of a spoken blessing and so do not bestow it upon you.  So TODAY I want to bless you and I ask that you bless your children.  Because you can.                                                     Today Today I pray you receive joy to live this day to its fullest. That you allow God to fill your empty places. That you will feel His presence in a fresh way that draws you ever nearer to His peace. Today That you KNOW that you are loved, just because And because you literally are a gift from God, I delight in watching you unfold day by day and the revealing of His beauty in you. I lov

Your Hired

Did you know that you can become a new creation in Christ Jesus? That the old things can disappear and that God will do a new thing in you? Do you drag through each day hoping that things will get better? Are you waiting on someone else to fix your attitude, your family, your job, your life? Well, the change starts with you. Yes, you. This should be a word of encouragement to you. The only thing we can attempt to change is our self through submitting to God's good word for us. You have everything you need to get started. And yes, you are the right person for the job. I am excited for you. Today is a new day with infinite possibility and you have been gifted with this irreplaceable day and your irreplaceable life. Do not be discouraged. God has a good plan for you, to do you good and prosper you. Get in agreement with Him. God knew you before you were born, before you were created. So what are you waiting on? You are not hidden from God's care or eyes. Ask Him today, to help y