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Meek is not Weak

There is an assumption that to be meek one must be weak.  Not so! There is great strength in the ability to maintain your peace without becoming a doormat for others to tread upon.  A studied balance is needed. The need to take a stand without placing your foot in your mouth! As you walk out your everyday life you will be challenged.  You will be challenged to walk in meekness and yet retain your integrity, focus, strength and peace of mind. To walk steadfastly in an uneasy world. Daily we face the foe of unrest.  Whether the foe appears on the battlefield of our mind in inner struggle or presents itself as a situation or person who seeks to jab at our resolve to walk in peace.  Life happens and with the best intention it is easy to become aggressive in our stance and reply. There is a battle and you are a warrior. So summon your warrior's heart as you approach this battle, but appear on the battlefield dressed properly. Ephesians 6:10,11   Finally, my brethren, be strong