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             Man Shall Not Live by Bread Alone                       © 2006 Debbie Turner Chavers Give your attention to God's word. Start out your day with God. I condense a lot of information in my study/journal notes to myself.  Banking God's word and fellowship with Him in my heart and mind. If you have ever been in a relationship of any kind you quickly realize the value of good memories built together.  As life happens, it is imperative to have good memories, pure and lovely things to dwell on.  Reading God' word lays a foundation on which to build a life.  Your life. Reading my journal notes from James 1:21-24, I wrote, "Demands a steady walk and a continual study of God's word. I do not brush my hair once a week. Up keep. Attend to, give action to God's word and your relationship with Him." Start out your day with God -open your eyes and look upon- Behold The Lord -first thing. Breakfast- He has prepared a feast for you, a table