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Words Revolving

Original water color painting "Behold the Man, The Word Became Flesh " copyright © 2005 Debbie Turner Chavers My new birth, birthday is January 1st of each new year.  As I enter into a new year I contemplate the hope that most of us feel with a new beginning.  Diets, new resolutions, new beginnings are on most of our minds. So with that in mind I want to encourage you to find a verse that will help you stay focused on a positive move forward in your own everyday life. Prayerfully consider God's word which is His promises to each of us and write out one or more that ministers to you and your needs.  I have written mine down on a banner and will refer to it throughout the coming year to remind myself of my focus. I looked up the scriptures below and was fascinated with the meaning of the word fitly.  The context meant to revolve like a wheel.  A word that is revolving or repeating in a circle, like a wheel.  So I will take the word fitly spoken, my chosen v

To Bleat or Not to Bleat? That is the question.

Life has a way of giving you many opportunities to speak your mind.  I have often heard people say, " Well, I am going to give them a piece of my mind". You do not want to do that.  Keep it.  You will need it! When you perceive a wrong done.  The perception or the actual wrong done will apply pressure and things under pressure usually boil.  It is helpful to not simmer with an issue too long.  Because a simmering pot, when pressure is applied.... will boil.  Sometimes the pot boils over. MESSY! I do not want a messy life or a missing mind.  So this sheep is studying the question " To bleat or not to bleat"? Question for the mindful.  Will your bleat make a difference?  Will it improve your life or anothers life? Sometimes it is needful to speak up and sometimes we just need to be silent. Carefully consider the need and the response. To bleat or not to bleat?  You decide. Baah! Debbie   Ecclesiastes 3:7   A time to rend, and a time to sew; a ti