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Hand to the Plough

I joined a gym a few months ago. This particular gym was new and still had plenty of equipment available for work outs. But recently, since the new year has begun, it is hard to find an empty machine. Regardless, of the time of day, most machines were occupied by new gym members. Each new member was working out with great vigor and expectation of good things on the horizon. But in the space of a few weeks, the number of members and available equipment has fallen back to normal. Sigh. Most of us are like that about a new step in life. Excited and ready to start immediately! Yet, results in most areas of life are not seen immediately. You have to persevere. Stick to it. There is a slow, steady ploughing of a new endeavor. A ploughing that breaks through the initial problem areas and then a reworking to a workable plan. Success. My encouragement this week is to encourage you to put your hand back on the plough. Whether you are ploughing spiritually, physically, or mentally. Do not give up

Choose Your Path Carefully

Going Home ©  1996 Debbie Turner Chavers  Last week-end, I found myself on a road that appeared on the surface to be quite firm. But I would soon learn that appearances can be deceiving! We (husband and I) had a break in the weather and after being trapped inside for days, we decided to go for a drive. So we drove to the country on the other side of Nashville. Hills and valleys, streams and rivers. The country side was beautiful. We finally arrived at a scenic place to get out and take a walk through the woods. My husband began to look for a firm place to pull over and park off the road. The road bed and the surrounding roadside appeared firm. No standing water, yet beneath the surface, the clay mixed road bed had thawed, froze again, and thawed again after a hard rain. Everything looked beautiful in the forest. The evergreen trees were freshly washed from the previous rain. The country road was not dusty and the sky was blue with just a hint of breeze blowing. Just beautiful

Boundaries, This is Important

Boundaries can be ancient landmarks, ways or laws that were established in our life time or far before the day we were born. In our current society there is not much respect held for boundaries that were put in place to be beneficial to mankind, spiritually and physically. In general I have seen a repetitive mindset that throws all things away in lieu of something new. Not better. Just new. Today I traveled many small towns and back roads and appreciated the boundaries that were set in place, a neighboring fence, a stop sign, a sign that warned of sharp curves ahead, one lane bridges, etc..... Large and small boundaries that made my day and my path so much easier to navigate. Man established these boundaries and at will, can and has changed these boundaries. Yet, God gave us boundaries that are never to be changed by mere man. Some old places I passed had been designated as landmarks, historical landmarks. One building even stated on the front "This is important" So man h