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Job Description: Salt and Light

On a regular basis we evaluate what jobs we will accomplish that day. Each of us has 24 hours to try to accomplish what is needed. There are so many things that pull at us and DEMAND our attention and time. Sometimes it is a real struggle to know what to do first! There are some things that are obvious...a deadline, an appointment....things that are a commitment. But while we want to show forth excellence, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. Prioritize...this gets your head above water every time. Try it! Our job description is not how much we get accomplished, but the way it is accomplished. We are to show excellence in our endeavors, but foremost our given job description is SALT and LIGHT These actions and attributes will place us in areas of authority, service, and recognition. In the natural world as well as the spiritual world, what is sown is reaped. At times, I find myself being pepper instead of salt. It may be hot but it is not digested. Our actions should make others thirsty for

And The Winner Is?

Chosen . Most people want to feel special, singled out for notice. The world has many traditions of bringing notice to those they want to honor. Think about how excited people become at the thought of being a star on the red carpet. Red carpet runways usually signify a special occasion. Someone is being honored. But before the world was made God had already chosen us to belong to Him and to shine in a dark place. The shed blood of Jesus made a royal way for us to walk into the presence of God, the ruler of the Universe. On life's stage, we all have a spotlight to stand in. That light is the Light of the World, Jesus Christ. You have the unique ability of sharing what God has done in you and for you through His son, Jesus Christ. You are a star! And the winner is? Insert your name. Shine...for indeed... we are watching. ~Debbie 1Peter 2:9 But ye are a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, an holy nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of him who hath call

If God asked you a question, what would it be?

I find myself on a busy day sending a quick note or quick question for needed information to those that I know. I never really considered how often I ask a question. Being a fairly practical person I want to get an answer and bring any subject to completion when dealing with business. But relationships don't happen that way. And that is the difficult part! There are so many nuances and reasons why people do what they do. And usually they do not give a second thought to any of this! Well, I believe we need too! Have you ever tried to work on a puzzle where one of the pieces is missing or there is a piece that almost fits, but, not quite? Ugh! This will send me to my knees. Literally. Where is that piece? That's the way I feel at times dealing with people who make me look for the missing piece in a relationship and look and look and look. This train of thought was brought about by mulling over some personal issues. Well, like I said...I like completion. So my thoughts were twirl

Save the Date

Have you ever prepared a meal and had your guests not show up? Or have you ever made a really great meal and wished there were someone to share it with you? The majority of people like to entertain and commit a lot of time and effort in sharing a meal. Even if the meal is not a feast, the breaking of bread with others is usually a wonderful event. At times we choose to eat alone but the Lord desires to eat with us and has gone to prepare a place and a wonderful meal for us. I like to eat in my dining room at times and remember meals eaten with others as I sit there. This is usually a good memory, but the other day I saw it in a different light. I sat there eating the simple meal that I had prepared and I realized that none of my loved ones were seated in their appointed chairs. No one on this day showed up for supper, but they all know that they have an open invite to share a meal with me. Some days they take me up on my invitation, but this day I sat alone. As I contemplated this trai

Onion Layers

Lately I have been searching for more in my everyday exchanges with the Lord. Many years ago I heard someone say that reading and understanding the Bible was like peeling an onion layer by layer. This thought stuck with me through the years, so it was not surprising to me for the Lord to use an onion skin to make a point with me. I look for active ways to live my life in Him to the fullest and yet on some days it all seems my flesh.... all my striving to love others as He loves me. And yet there is that onion thing! If you reach out regularly to be a blessing to others, you probably get discouraged. I know that I become discouraged! At times it is a real struggle to keep moving forward in my love walk. Recently someone I love dearly, threw years of love and care away. I cried, then I got angry, and then I surrendered. I surrended the thing I had given and placed it in my Father's lap. As I sat tearfully before the Lord, listening to praise music, I

Look for Beauty

Today I want to encourage you to look for beauty around you. It is easy to perceive the negative and yet there are examples of God's goodness and beauty all around us. Beauty is like a smile to your soul. Scripture tells us to think on good things or things of beauty. Beauty is not just the obvious of face and form, yet can be found in kindness, honesty, flowers in unexpected places, a smile instead of a frown. This is a generalization but you understand what I mean. Life has a way of throwing rocks in your path. I'm asking you to pick them up and build something great with them. Look at them as free resources! You know... lemons make lemonade. You are a smart person, well able to make a positive out of the not so positive. Life is calling and there IS beauty all around you. Look for it. Debbie Phillipians 4:8 Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, what