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Singing Encouragement-Overcoming Fear

Never forget God loves you, we all have opportunity to start again, to call upon His name. Sometimes, obedience involves vulnerability. Mine. Overcoming fear. I am singing 🎶 with Jeremy Camp’s song “Getting Started” ~Debbie Prayer: Father God, thank you for the wooing of your Holy Spirit. Thank you that you never forget us, thank you that you want us. Open our eyes to see ourselves the way that you see us in Your Son, Jesus Christ. In Jesus name. Amen Lyrics for this song Getting Started Are you running 'round in circles with no place to go? Is there a person in the mirror you don't even know? Someone still sees who you are, yeah Were you the kid that was a dreamer, now you don't believe? Are you the lock that got so broken, now you lost the key? Someone still loves who you are, yeah To anyone who ever lost your way To everyone who ever felt ashamed Here's a song for all the broken hearted I believe you're only getting started To anyone who trusts in Jesus' nam