Rock Your Box!

Has someone or something put you in a box? Well, rock your box. Let me explain with a short story.

A woman in India in a destitute situation had a baby, she was told the child would never walk and would not be able to care for himself. She made up her mind to give him the best life that she could and would take care of him and not send him away. Due to her poverty she carried the child around with her until he was too large to carry any longer. So being the caring mother that she was, she found an orange crate and pulled him after her. As the boy grew, he eventually hung on to the sides of the crate and would rock back and forth, back and forth. This of course, became a nuisance to his mother who was pulling him and she would say "Quit rocking the box!"
This happened many times. And then one day as she sat in her little home, the boy started rocking and rocking and rocking. Plop! Over he went into the floor and started using his now strong arms to crawl to his mother. Imagine her joy as he pulled himself to a standing position. Of course, it took a lot of work but eventually he walked.

Do you need to rock your box?
Or are you the the one pulling someone else's box?
Either way be encouraged, most of the time there is a happy ending.



Kristin said…
Hi Debbie,

Really enjoyed this story. Wonderfully told. Thank you!

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